I worked with Greens NSW MP John Kaye in early 2014 to produce this video, which highlights some of the key campaigns that John has worked on as a member of the NSW Upper House, as part of the Greens’ preselection campaign for the 2015 state electoin.

The story is told in part by John himself and also by four people John has worked closely with on a variety of issues. The project involved filming across a variety of locations in varying conditions, then using historical images, footage, radio clips and newspaper stories.

The main challenge was the length. The brief required a lot of varying content, without a natural ‘arc’ The solution was to structure the different participants in dedicated ‘chapters’. John’s contributions, direct to camera, bookend the four people who are talking about him as though they are being interviewed by a media outlet.

John does a lot of great work on a variety of issues. Check out his website here

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