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In 2013, Community Options NSW – an aged and disability care peak body – looked ahead to the future of the sector and realised that they needed to change direction or shut up shop for good.

As part of Community Options’ strategic planning process, SansIcarus was engaged to develop a Membership Development Strategy and a Communications Plan. We developed simple yet effective strategies that changed the way the organisation communicated both internally and externally.

After this initial success, SansIcarus was brought on board to establish the membership and communications systems while the organisation went through a large and high-risk restructure.

By providing ongoing communications and promotions advice, focusing on both internal and external communications, we were able to help Community Options NSW grow into Community Options Australia.

From presenting at conferences to project-managing videos, constitutional reform, websites and annual reports, SansIcarus worked closely with Community Options to ensure they continued to survive and thrive in a new operating environment.

Mark brought to our discussions valuable insights and a refreshing frankness.  He had a deep understanding of local communities, whether rural, regional or metro and what made them tick. 

His approach to communicating with our members and stakeholders was delivered with genuine warmth. He injected into our team humour, a delightful quirkiness and encouraged us all to think outside of the square.

Maree O’Rourke
COA Executive Director 2013-15

"Mark is smart, creative, strategic and produces beautiful work. He understands what a project needs and gives strong, straight advice to make it happen."

− Sylvie Ellsmore, former Marrickville councillor.

"Mark brought to our discussions valuable insights and a refreshing frankness. He has a deep understanding of local communities, whether rural, regional or metro, and what makes them tick."

− Maree O’Rourke - COA Executive Director 2013-15

"Having Mark in the business is like having a dial-an-expert in place. He is a pleasure to work with, friendly, punctual and importantly delivers the goods when you need them."

− Fiona Cook, Gasoline Pony

"Mark was easy to work with, organised, worked under budget and delivered on time. He was respectful to the diverse views of stakeholders at all times."

− Joel Pringle, CBAA

"Mark demonstrated technical prowess, attention to detail and a discerning political mind. He is an excellent communicator, a good listener and a collaborative worker."

− Lynne Joslyn



Mark started SansIcarus in 2013, following years of experience in hospitality management, as an English teacher and examiner, and most recently as a political communications and policy adviser.

Working with a talented team of writers, designers and developers, Mark helps businesses, organisations and community groups get their message out there – helping good people do good things, better.

If you need to expand the range of people you’re talking to, or develop better relationships with the people you already know, that’s where SansIcarus can help.

Get in touch today and we’ll grab a tea or coffee and talk about what you’re trying to do.

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