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Am I like what a Libran’s like?

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I approach astrology like I do everything else: with a mix of skepticism and curiosity. Most of it is as useful and believable as religions (i.e. not at all). That said, it’s also true that it took quite some time for humans to understand the effects that the gravitational forces of the sun and moon have on the Earth. Read More


Three Stevie Nicks songs

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I came late to Fleetwood Mac. Of course I knew a lot of their songs, but I didn’t actively sit down and listen to their work until around five years ago. Now I’m a fan of pretty much everything the 1975-87 lineup produced. The Stevie Nicks songs are my favourites though. Read More


On being a fool

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One of the things I remember about studying Shakespeare at uni was the use of humour in Romeo & Juliet. The basic gist is that the play is a romantic comedy until the mid-point – where Mercutio dies – after which the humour dries up completely and we descend inevitably into tragedy. Read More


The day I shaved my beard off (Japan 2014 Day 6.2)

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25 July 2014 — Overnight I have a dream with my mother in it. Ever since I read a book of Jung’s writings about dreams – over a decade ago in the Scottish highlands – I’ve taken my parents appearing in my dreams as representatives of my relationship with the two countervailing forces that unite us all: yin/yang, force/yield, pull/pull, masculine/feminine, anima/animus, action/inaction – there are seemingly endless interpretations of these binary polarities. My relationship with my dream mother felt strange, and wrong, so I take it as sign from my unconscious that my balance is off-kilter. Read More