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The day I shaved my beard off (Japan 2014 Day 6.2)

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25 July 2014 — Overnight I have a dream with my mother in it. Ever since I read a book of Jung’s writings about dreams – over a decade ago in the Scottish highlands – I’ve taken my parents appearing in my dreams as representatives of my relationship with the two countervailing forces that unite us all: yin/yang, force/yield, pull/pull, masculine/feminine, anima/animus, action/inaction – there are seemingly endless interpretations of these binary polarities. My relationship with my dream mother felt strange, and wrong, so I take it as sign from my unconscious that my balance is off-kilter. Read More

The Brain that Changes Itself

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I’ve been out at the Sydney Writers’ Festival for the past couple of days. Among the long queues, the various shades of black, and the obligatory person in each session who ‘asks a question’ by making a long personal statement, I’ve been to some very interesting and inspiring sessions. One of the best so far was called The Brain that Changes Itself: Judge For Yourself, where an American research psychoanalyst named Norman Doidge talked about a book that he’s written about neuroplasticity. What an awesome word. Say it five times fast.

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This week: ending March 15

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Three stories from this week:

In order to protect jobs, the Australian Federal Government has announced changes to their skilled migration policy. Foreign tradespeople such as carpenters and electricians will no longer have an easy ride to work and residency in Australia. Last year they removed cooks and hairdressers from the same list. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the policy, but I do know that less people trying to migrate will affect my work as an IELTS examiner. Read More