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Finding the power of theatre in politics

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The thing I like most about being involved in politics is working together with people towards a common goal. For me it’s a throwback to my student theatre days: from 1995-2000 I was involved in over 20 student-theatre productions, as an actor, writer, director, publicist, lighting designer, stage manager and producer.

Working collaboratively can be fabulous. Everyone experiences this in some way, whether it’s through competitive things like sports, debates, or board games. You can find it in book clubs and families and weekends away with friends. Doing things with other like-minded people is simply the best. Read More

Choose your words carefully

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The first piece of education I remember receiving was in Year One, at Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary School in Greystanes, Western Sydney. I would have been six. Mrs Szukalski – a tall, blonde woman in her early twenties, coincidentally (or not) my first crush that wasn’t fictional – told the class that for homework we had to write a one-page story about dinosaurs. My story was four pages long, and probably included dragons and space ships. I was an early reader, an inquisitive, imaginative child, and that creative task fused everything into a clarity of purpose. I became hooked on the power of words.

Me before and after being exposed to words. Consider yourself warned. (2nd pic. Alison Martin)

Me, before and after being exposed to words. Consider yourself warned. (2nd pic. Alison Martin)

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So what’s with all this narrative sh*t, anyway?

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If communicating with constituents and achieving change was just about the facts, and what is right, Greens policies (in my humble opinion) would be government policies, the world would be taking great steps to tackle climate change and social inequity, and I’d be able to afford to own my own home.

But it’s obviously not just the facts that determine government policy or voter intention. The language we use and the way we communicate ideas clearly has as much impact as the ideas themselves.

This is where narrative comes in.

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