Established in 2013, SansIcarus is a creative communications consultancy run by Mark Riboldi.

The name comes from a Greek myth – the story of a genius inventor, Daedalus, who created wings for him and his son to escape from imprisonment.  But Icarus, his son, flew too close to the sun, melting the wax that held the wings together and sending the boy plunging into the ocean.


We primarily work with not-for-profit organisations, small businesses and creative types, to improve their communications and help them achieve their goals.

This can be as simple as promoting an event or devising a messaging strategy for a campaign or branding relaunch. It can be as intense as facilitating a day long strategic planning session where we don’t shy away from the tough questions. It can be as diverse as running a suite of communications – from traditional to new media, running adverts to sending e-newsletters – on a regular basis to ensure that your message is coming through loud and clear.


We are words and communication specialists, with a core knowledge base focused on communicating precisely and changing the way people look at things.

We have worked with a variety of clients across a number of industries including not-for-profit organisations in the aged, disability and community radio sectors, with unions, community groups and environmental organisations, with creatives like jewellers, writers and musicians, and with small businesses like cafes, accountants and small bars.

With a client base as diverse as our skill set, SansIcarus is perfectly placed to help you communicate better, reach new audiences and set yourself up for the future.

SansIcarus Director Mark Riboldi is a writer, photographer and (bad) player of guitar. With an undergraduate degree in Cultural Studies and Drama, a Masters of Creative Writing and certificate courses in photography, he brings a truly creative edge to his role as a creative communications consultant.


"Mark is smart, creative, strategic and produces beautiful work. He understands what a project needs and gives strong, straight advice to make it happen."

− Sylvie Ellsmore

"Working with Mark was great, he really listened to what we wanted. He was friendly, helpful calm and professional and we would highly recommend him and his work."

− Lauren Porter and Mark Lockwood

"Having Mark in the business is like having a dial-an-expert in place. He is a pleasure to work with, friendly, punctual and importantly delivers the goods when you need them."

− Fiona Cook, Gasoline Pony

"Mark was easy to work with, organised, worked under budget and delivered on time. He was respectful to the diverse views of stakeholders at all times."

− Joel Pringle, CBAA

"Mark brought to our discussions valuable insights and a refreshing frankness. He has a deep understanding of local communities, whether rural, regional or metro, and what makes them tick."

− Maree O'Rourke, Community Options Australia

Some of our clients