Tateyama Daytrip (Japan 2014 Day 3)

140712_TateyamaDayTrip_11_webSaturday 12 July 2014 A completely unplanned day – fabulous – a road trip from Tokyo to Tateyama, a coastal town on the eastern peninsula of Japan’s largest island. 140712_TateyamaDayTrip_03_web My sister, her flatmate Jordan and myself. Jordan’s from New Zealand and one of the things he does for money is take ex-pats and other interested folks on ‘adventure’-type activities, so this was a research trip. 140712_TateyamaDayTrip_02_web We walked around a small island and went snorkling. The water was murky from the cyclone which hit Okinawa and the west of Japan a few days earlier, but still lovely. 140712_TateyamaDayTrip_04_web 140712_TateyamaDayTrip_05_web 140712_TateyamaDayTrip_06_web 140712_TateyamaDayTrip_07_web Not an epic ‘tourist’ day, but very pleasant and it was great to see how my sister likes spending her free time. 140712_TateyamaDayTrip_10_web 140712_TateyamaDayTrip_08_web 140712_TateyamaDayTrip_12_web 140712_TateyamaDayTrip_13_web 140712_TateyamaDayTrip_11_web Back in Tokyo we went out for a late dinner, a restaurant near the hotel that specialised in Miyazaki prefecture food – mainly chicken, but also tomato kimchi and fresh cucumber with miso relish. Our waitress was VERY enthusiastic about having someone from Australia in the restaurant. To contain her excitement she gave us free dessert and painted a picture of Australia in chocolate sauce. 140712_Tokyo_02_web

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