March 2014 – What it looks like

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The year so far for me has been an eclectic mix of sights, sounds, words and wonderful people – it’s hard to believe we’re already 25 per cent into 2014!

March has been dominated by capturing how things look and feel rather than creating portraits in the imagination with words. I’ve:

My eyes continue to be bigger than my stomach, figuratively, of course, so the website’s not entirely finished, this e-news is still sent “by hand”, and the pile of things to read next to my bed has reduced only marginally.

Still, no complaints! The large writing project I started in December last year is trucking along nicely though – more on that when there’s more to tell.

Hope you’re well,


PS: I’m heading to Japan in July, to explore and unwind and hang out with my sister. If you’ve got any tips about things to do/see/photograph/write about, drop me a line. Or two.  

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