Things starting to roll

By February 11, 2014Personal

Mark RiboldiHello!

I started planning this communication to everyone over a year ago. I set some changes in motion. Now we’re starting to roll.

This week I had my first two bylines:

It’s quite exciting, coming on top of being longlisted for the Montreal International poetry prize last year.

In the past twelve months I’ve written communications, fundraising and membership development plans, delivered presentations, photographed jewellery, done short courses with my study buddy, designed posters, built websites, made videos, had photography exhibited, slept a bit, travelled, danced – basically, it’s been great.

My new website will launch soon. I’m working on a variety of creative and work projects with some very excellent people. You’d probably still describe me as ‘political.’

Just like my previous careers (English teacher, examiner, script assessor, hostel worker, barman, catering manager, student editor, student, lighting guy, factory hand, register rooster, etc.) working full-time in politics was a fabulous experience.

Thanks to all the support, collaboration and friendship, particularly in the last twelve months. I’m a lucky guy.

Talk to you soon.

Mark / Marky / Riboldi / Me

PS: I’ll be beginning a monthly e-newsletter in March – with colours and everything! If you want to get an email from me once a month, fill out the form in the right side-bar.

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