Sculptures by the Sea, 2012

By November 4, 2012December 13th, 2013Photography

Today was the final day of Sculptures by the Sea for 2012. I went down early with my camera. It was supposed to be raining but it turned out to be a glorious morning for walking, sculpture and photography.

These five pictures are just the super-highlights. Check out the highlights on flickr here.

One of my favourites was where do the children play, by Warwick, Ben & Sam Orme.

Inspired by a conversation about children in detention, this piece had both character and narrative.

I particularly like figures with personality and emotion which force the audience to make associations about the relationships between the artworks, like this one, trace – sphere – gate by Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir.

  the travellers have arrived by Gillie & Marc Schattner.

Hard to go wrong with big letters on cliffs. A bit of post-modern meta-modernity doesn’t go astray either.  View TM, by Dave Mercer.

Not a sculpture, just a nice scene I stumbled across at Bronte beach on the way to the exhibition.

View the rest of the photos in a slideshow below, or in full-screen on flickr here.

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