Marrickville moment: New Parents

By September 28, 2012December 13th, 2013Personal

Standing at the bus stop outside the Royal Exchange Hotel in Marrickville, waiting to head to Newtown. It’s grand final day, and my birthday eve, and I’m hoping the Swans will deliver me an early present.

A tall man, maybe my age, walks past me from behind and continues up the street. With one hand he’s pushing a stroller, in the other he’s cradling a baby less than six months old.

A shorter woman approaches them, smiling, and they stop. She hangs her bag over the back of the stroller. She reaches out and takes the child into her arms.

They walk up the street together, side by side. The man still pushes the stroller with one hand, with the other he holds his new son’s tiny hand.

The bus arrives.

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