NYE 2011 – EP01 Not the fireworks bit [PHOTOS]

By January 3, 2012December 13th, 2013Personal, Photography

I spent New Years Eve this year with some of my oldest friends having a picnic on the grounds of Vaucluse House in Vaucluse, which afforded a fantastic view of Sydney Harbour and the fireworks.

Sydney Harbour Sunset

I was test-driving my Christmas present to myself, a new DSLR – the Canon EOS 7D.

Some of the shots worked out really well, some of them were real dogs. Obviously still getting used to all those bells and whistles. They seemed to turn out okay having only just read the manual the day before and this being the test drive. It helps when your friends have lovely smiles.

Here’s a flickr slideshow of the rest of this collection (basically all the photos I took which weren’t of fireworks!)

Happy New Year to all.

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