Naomi Klein on Copenhagen

By November 13, 2009December 13th, 2013Politics

naomi_kleinHave I mentioned before that I have a massive crush on Naomi Klein? It’s massively superficial. I’m just crazy for the ideas in her head and the way she puts them into sentences and paragraphs.

She’s written a couple of articles recently on the upcoming Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

The first one was originally published in Rolling Stone. For a left-leaning Green like myself it’s a bit of preaching to the converted, but also a better expression of the scope of the thing than I could manage. It’s a good introduction for those who are sympathetic but not fully up on it all. Fanatical fans of Uncle Kevin need to get an education. Those all the way to the Right should just stay there with the other deniers.

The second piece focuses more or the activism that’s likely to occur in Copenhagen.  I’m it’s starting to feel like Copenhagen will be the sequel to Seattle. Let’s hope it’s up there with The Empire Strikes or Aliens back in terms of quality sequels to quality originals.

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