Politics as light relief

By February 19, 2009December 14th, 2013Politics

Australians wanting a bit of light relief from the seriousness of the bushfires and the global financial crisis can be thankful that the federal opposition has risen to the challenge. On newmatilda.com Ben Pobjie summarises what’s been going on in the Liberals over the last week or so:

Briefly, what happened is that Bishop resigned, and Hockey took over, but beforehand, Malcolm Turnbull may or may not have offered the job to Peter Costello, which Christopher Pyne thinks would have been perfectly natural, but which Tony Abbott thinks is ridiculous, but then Abbott may just be annoyed because Turnbull didn’t make him manager of opposition business, which was Hockey’s old job but has now been given to Pyne, leaving Abbott with family services even though he helped Turnbull become leader, which Turnbull might not be for much longer if it’s true that Costello turned down the shadow treasurer’s job because he plans to challenge for the leadership soon, even though he’s had the chance to do so before but didn’t, but speculation continues to swirl because Costello refuses to leave the backbenches.

Funny stuff. Better than the daytime soaps.

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