Will they sing THIS when they’re winning?

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I know I should be getting serious and writing some kind of obituary for George Bush’s Presidency, but it seems that I can’t shake sport from the brain this week.

The AFL (Australian Football League – or aerial ping pong as I’ve heard it called by the uninitiated) is planning on introducing two new clubs to the competition, to bolster the sports ‘national profile.’ One of them is slated for my backyard in Western Sydney, while the other will be on the Gold Coast.

One of my favourite things about Australian Football is that each team has a team song, which is played at the end of every victory. I have great memories of singing the Sydney Swans’ team song after a number of famous victories. Probably the most memorable was the 1996 Preliminary Final against Essendon. With ten minutes to go, we were trailing by a mile, and my despondent uncle (who introduced me to the game) wanted to leave the ground early. His father and I convinced him to stay, and we ended up winning by one point on the final siren! We were in the SCG Member’s bar singing the club song and drinking beers for what seemed like hours.

This week has seen a release of a prototype for the new club song for the Gold Coast team. It’s truly awful. Here are the lyrics (follow the link above for the song in its synthesised glory):

We are the sun and the sand and the sky.
We are one in the the red, gold and blue.
We are the might and pride of Gold Coast.
We have the hunger to win for you.

Fight! Fight! Fight!
Till we take out the flag
Run. We will never give in

We are the suns of the Gold Coast sky
And we’re made to never say die

Apart from the complete lack of melody (there’s a good reason why many clubs steal their songs from old tunes) and the pathetic rhyming, I take particular offence to the poor use of the definite article (the) in the third line when refering to THE Gold Coast.

Freemantle fans will be happy. If this song gets in, they’ll no longer have the worst club song.

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