Everyone Else is Palin’ in Comparison

By October 27, 2008December 14th, 2013Politics

Even though the US Presidential Election is just around the corner, I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to it, maybe because of the financial crisis, or even my recent preoccupation with dating. More likely it’s because I’ve never given McCain much of a chance. I’ve heard him speak a couple of times in interviews, and he comes across like Bush with Alzheimer’s. He was old when he started the campaign, but the whole process seems to be aging him considerably.

And of course there is the disastrous move of Sarah Palin. Whoever thought of that one must have literal rocks in their heads. I know someone who thinks she’s great – she’s a fundamentalist Christian though, so not a big surprise there. I know that the religious right are quite strong in the States, but still…

The are, however, two good things about Sarah Palin. The first is that she’s confused some feminists. They want all women to have equal choice and options (and rightly so), but they’re not sure that they want to include right-wing nut-jobs in the equation, and especially not as the poster-child. I think it’s quite cute. You have to take the carbs with the pasta I’m afraid.

The second good thing about Sarah Palin is that through her I’ve discovered American comedian Tina Fey. Fey is a former cast member of Saturday Night Live and is the creator/star of the acclaimed US Sitcom 30 Rock. She has also recently been doing some uncanny, and wildly hilarious, impressions of Sarah Palin.

It will take a miracle for the Republicans to win this election, and perhaps a work of God is what they (and their likeminds in Hillsong) are now praying for. With Obama well ahead in the polls, it shouldn’t even be close enough for them to try and steal.


  • Catherine says:

    Ugh! Obama ahead in the polls, that’s b/c our media (US) is a bunch of un-educated Democrats. Sorry…..I don’t care for McCain, but seriously we can’t trust Obama and his real intentions. This election is making me ill! I want a do over…lol

  • sansIcarus says:

    Heh – that’s the first time I’ve ever heard the US media described as Democrats. I think Rupert Murdoch might get a little offended.

    Real intentions? I think he wants to be President. Politics is a game – and the election process is about getting elected. Politicians make promises and present a face to the electorate. Then once they get elected they usually fail to deliver most of what they promise to do. It’s the way it works, Liberal or Conservative.

    Trust is a quality I am loathe to use in conjunction with any politician.

  • Hello Xu Xu says:

    Catherine’s comment illustrates one of the problems I have with US politics. Many people are raised to be either Democrat or Republican, and to despise that which they are not. They never listen to the arguments of both sides. “un-educated Democrats”? Is she serious? Who is uneducated? And where did she here about Obama’s “real intentions”? Fox news? It’s a good thing the US is collapsing, at least the rest of the world won’t be so influenced by the result of a nation of “free” people voting for their choice of aristcratic family. At least Obama is breaking that mould.

  • Catherine says:

    Please…Obama breaking that mold. Give me a break. He has zero qualites needed to be President. I suppose your correct saying not many politician have those qualities, but that is what I look for in a President. We are not raised to despise anyone, thank you very much. For the most part “Democrats” ARE un educated. They are lower middle class if their lucky and have no clue what politics are all about. Obama is running for “class” President. He is promising a bunch of things that sound wonderful to those un educated sorts and they are blinded by his empty promises. The US will never collapse, we have a had a bit of a tough run and will pull ourselves together as history has proven for years.

  • Hello Xu Xu says:

    Is it not true that traditional Republican states are in the inland part of the US, love guns, love god, love being white? And traditional Dem states are coastal, more free thinking, tolerant, black and white, more open minded? I’m not american so feel free to correct me. I think it’s fair to say that this will be one of the most interesting US elections ever, raising interest in politics in people who previously would never even have bothered to go and vote. Catherine, you say you don’t care for McCain, but you think he has the qualities to be president? He seems to have an anger problem. The rest of the world fears a McCain presidency, which will see the US continue to use guns and spies to meddle in other countries affairs purely for it’s own self interest. Also, it’s a shame you americans only get the choice two candidates, so many people end up voting against who they don’t like, rather than for somebody they do like.

  • sansIcarus says:

    Here’s a question: what are ‘Presidential Qualities’?

    I think decisiveness and charisma are the two most necessary in a leader of any kind – and therein lie the reasons Gordon Brown screwed up so royally (pun intended) in Britain.

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