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Wowsers. Perth to Sydney. 5000km in 10days. From one side of the country to the other. It’s not a trip that I’ll be forgetting in a hurry and one that I recommend that everyone make at some point.
The thing about the trip that surprised me most was probably the variety and beauty of the landscapes that we encountered. Quite spectacular. From scrub, to wineries, old growth forests, spectacular and dramatic coastlines… We also saw a lot of wildlife, unfortunately a lot of it roadkill.
It’s good to be back though, as it always is for me at the end of a trip somewhere.


  • captain oddsocks says:

    Where were those two photos taken?

  • sansIcarus says:

    The first is at one of the designated photo op places along the Great Australian Bight, probably about 400km west of Ceduna, in WA I think.

    And the second is a roadside stop, taken on the same day, back in SA (because we ate the tomatoes that we would’ve had confiscated at the border).

    That was the day we saw the pod of Southern Right Whales. Very cool. Pics to come.

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